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Knocking it out the park

Amara Davis, Reporter

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“Well for the last couple years they talked a lot about how we were on the bottom, but this year we are on top. We are going to make a come up,” said Jaylen Fox when asked what was the false idea people have about the team.

“We’ve been down the last couple years but we’re turning around actually,” said MHS junior Du’Juan Brown when asked what was the biggest misconception people have about the team. Brown is the shortstop and pitcher for the baseball team at Meridian High School. He believes that the team will come out on top this season.

Brown also states that  because the team always gives a hundred percent, that is what sets them apart from other teams. Brown describes baseball as fun, requiring of dedication and experience.

Brown believes that the biggest mistake the team made last year was if one thing went wrong, the team team would start to lose faith. His biggest goal for the team is to make playoffs and for the team to give their full effort.

A few other players are preparing for the new season as well.

Sophomore Jaylen Fox had similar ideas regarding the team last year. According to Fox, after the first few innings, the team would start doubting their abilities and it affected their game. He believes that this year that the team will be able to keep their heads up. Fox is the hind catcher for the team.

Fox uses the words fun and passion to describe baseball. He describes the team as a brotherhood and that is what sets the team apart. His goal for himself is to help his team win and achieve goals.

As the captain of the team, graduating senior D’ Angelo Anderson feels added pressure at times. He believes that the best improvement the team has made this year is that they have become more mature and more focused. Anderson believes that toughness and consistency describe baseball.

Anderson also thinks because the coaches push them at every practice, that is what helps the team succeed. He believes they are not just a team but a family.

These players all have one common message to their opponents this season: be ready to play ball.
The team has a home game March 11 at Meridian High School. They are currently ranked second in the 6A region. 

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Knocking it out the park