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“Don’t Get Comfortable”

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According to Coach Demetrius Hill, not getting too comfortable is key to the success of the Meridian High School women’s powerlifting team.

“Just because you have a title doesn’t mean it’s titled to you.” Coach Hill has high expectations for the women’s powerlifting team this year and is not willing to settle for anything less than wins.

Powerlifting at Meridian High School consists of hard work, dedication, and a drive for success.

In the beginning there was not weight training for females at Meridian High School. Coach Hill took it upon himself to start coaching the girls and create champions.

Hill first started coaching powerlifting in 2007. They won state championships from 2007 to 2010. Then, Hill stopped coaching the girls powerlifting team to take a break and take on the boys powerlifting team. Coach Hill started back coaching the girls powerlifting team this year.

The experience has taught Hill that anyone can do anything they would like to do if they set their minds to do it.

Coach Hill motivates the female athletes by letting them know they can do anything and everything that they put their minds to, not only in powerlifting but in life as well.

Hill is now getting the girls back on top as champions and he is making sure the girls know it is not something that will just be handed to them.

Coaching powerlifting has changed Hill’s life. He stated that he wants to repay the mentors he had in his life and give his knowledge to the powerlifting girls.

One of the lives Coach Hill has changed is junior Kaselyn Stennis.

Stennis says, “Coach Hill is a great coach because he throws anything on the bar no matter if you have done it or not.” She also says, “He challenges us to be better competitors and people.”

Stennis started powerlifting in the ninth grade. Her mom always wanted her to be active so she thought, “I’m big, and I may be strong.” Powerlifting has made her stronger as a person and mentally focused in anything she does.

Her greatest experience was winning state in 2015. She set a new state record for total weight lifted. If she could change powerlifting she would recommend more people to come, lift, and be champions. She would like more people to experience the drive and competitiveness against different schools to bring home a trophy.

Sharing the drive is senior Avaionia Smith. Smith says powerlifting gives her a sense of pride and fighting spirit to never give up on what she wants. Smith loves the competition and how hard she has to work to get it right.

Smith started powerlifting in the ninth grade because was an escape from life and everything that comes with it. She says it relieves any stress that she may have and also shows off talents. “It felt so good to see how all of my hard work has paid off.”

According to Smith, Coach Hill made her a stronger competitor by being tough on the powerlifting girls and by making them hard workers that do not want to let their coach down.

The team has bounced back tremendously from the previous season and has focused on working hard and working as a team. Smith said, “I am extremely proud of them going into south state and having full confidence in themselves and what they’re doing.”

The powerlifting girls worked hard during the summer leading up to their season to be certain that they would win and be able to say they gave it their all.

The next meet for the women’s powerlifting team is April 13-14.

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“Don’t Get Comfortable”