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The Wildcat Welcomes Amara
Amara Davis “wanted to do something new.” “It seemed good to learn how to write articles and things of that nature,” Davis admitted. As a 15 year old junior at Meridian High School, Davis felt like she would be a good addition to the newspaper staff because she is a “good people person.” She also claims that she knows how to “respect other people’s opinions.” Her fellow staff member, TiQuisha Grace, confirms this. “Amara is a very kindhearted person; [...] she knows how to respect other people’s opinions.” Born in Augusta, Georgia, Davis relocated to Meridian, Mississippi in 2007. Davis plans to leave Meridian because she feels like “there are not enough opportunities here.” In pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and Master of Science in Nursing, she plans on going to a historically black college and the University of West Alabama. Amara feels compelled to pursue a career in the medical field because she “likes to help people.” In her spare time, Davis likes to listen to various genres of music including R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop. Chance The Rapper, is who she revealed as her favorite artist. She lists him as her favorite because he has “a different sound.” In addition, she also enjoys The Weeknd, Drake, Party Next Door, and Jodeci. Another one of Davis’ favorite sources of entertainment is television. “Scandal,” “How to Get Away With Murder” and “Murder in the First” are her favorite shows. “I like these shows because they are suspenseful and they keep you guessing.” If Davis could change one thing about Meridian High School, it would be “how a lot of teachers like to talk about kids to each other.” Davis elaborates, “I hate it when kids confide in teachers and they decide to spread the information to other teachers.” Although she dislikes the gossip, she enjoys the variety of classes that Meridian High offers. “I really want to take Ceramics,” admits Davis. “I like interactive things, and it seems very hands on.” Ultimately as a reporter, Davis looks forwards to “the bonds that I can make with fellow staff members and the people that I interview.”

Amara Davis, Reporter

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