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Everyone Deserves A Try
“A winner never quits no matter how bad they fail, but a failure quits the first try.” This statement, made by Meridian High School senior Jahnita Williams, creatively expresses her drive and determination. Inspired by her uncle, Antonio Clayton, Williams is determined to become a saxophone player. Williams’ uncle started teaching himself how to play the saxophone when he was 14. In addition to her uncle being a musician, her family is full of singers and instrument players. A notable accomplishment for Williams is passing her “hardest three years of high school.” Williams says, “The last three years of high school I was thinking I should drop certain electives or classes.” Williams adds, “If I would have gave up on those classes, I would have lessened the value of myself.” Regardless of how hard or stressful things got, she stuck through and achieved. In the future, Williams sees herself attending Millsaps College. William says the college “has been emailing her for a year or so” and the college “found [her] very interesting.” Williams wants to attend school for psychology. Williams made this decision because she believes everyone deserves a chance in life: “people don't choose to be mental; that's something that's given to them.” According to Williams, mentally-disabled people are very shut out and don’t have the same opportunities as everyone else. Williams says in the workplace mentally-disabled people can not really work everywhere. The owners of the work places may think that mentally-disabled people are not confident enough to work there. “Instead of them hanging out with certain kids, some kids look down on them,” declares Williams. Williams says “one episode of Law & Order gave me a closer look at mentally-disabled people.” She also says “if the disabled character in the episode had help while he was younger maybe he wouldn't have been killing people.” Williams looks forward to pursuing her dreams and becoming the psychologist of her dreams.

Jahnita Williams, Reporter

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