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Never Selfish, Always Selfless Parisian
When Parisian Brown wakes up, the first thing she thinks of is not herself ; it’s not her day; it is about what she can do for others.   A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” MHS sophomore Parisian Brown is dedicated to the ones around her by helping them in any way she can and in any situation that she is able. Parisian actively participates in homework assistance and tutoring. Brown also lends a listening ear to her friends when they  consult  her with personal problems. Parisian’s best friend is Kaitlyn Stennis. Stennis says, “Parisian is more than my  friend she is her cousin, but also she is her sister.” Stennis also says, “I always call my cousin because we are so close. Someone I can call on at anytime and we can talk all through the day. They have been friends since they were 5 years old. Brown also has a strong relationship with her family. Brown’s sister, Dejurnee Thomas, inspired her to go into the nursing field to become a nurse practitioner, a dream of Brown’s for the past 3 years. Ultimately, Brown takes comfort in a higher being, especially in Psalms 46:5: “God is within her she will not fail, God will help her at the break of dawn.” This quote means that since God is within her, she will not fail. Parisian is the secretary of the Meridian High School Student Council organization. As secretary, she enjoys making decisions and being a part of the top three. In addition to being a member of the student government, she also swims for The Wildcats. At the age of 7, Brown started taking swimming lessons. Since advancing to level 6 in her lessons, she has been passionate about swimming. Brown wants to be remembered as a strong, caring person.

Parisian Brown, Reporter

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