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Breakin’ the Shell
Shy. Softspoken. Bashful. Words like these describe TiQuisha Grace based off how others view her; however, a deeper look inside may reveal the unexpected.   A sophomore here at Meridian High School, TiQuisha Grace is the ideal student. She is a member of the student council and an honors student. Although she has not had any community service yet, TiQuisha is always willing to lend a helping hand. When asked how she would like to be remembered, TiQuisha responded by saying she wants to be remembered by all the fun and helpful things she will have done. TiQuisha describes herself as unique, intelligent, and not a part of the crowd. She also made it very clear that she strongly dislikes drama. “I don’t indulge or get myself involved in drama.” Grace stays away from parties and large crowds to focus on school and other important things in her life. Grace’s mother is her most prevalent motivator. Grace describes how strong and powerful she is and how she never shows weakness in hard times. TiQuisha would like to grow up to be a strong woman just like her mother. In addition to taking a huge step up and becoming a member of The Wildcat, Meridian High’s newly revived newspaper, TiQuisha had to take an even bigger leap with transferring over to the main campus from the 9th grade building. “At first I was nervous with being around all the people in the main building, but I realized that it’s just school and it’s something that I have to get used to,” Grace explained. She is excited about having classes in the main building and enjoys it. Becoming a member of the paper has also given TiQuisha a new outlook on things. She is more comfortable and outspoken around people and her fellow staff members. This opportunity has allowed her to step up and have a voice. TiQuisha is not looking forward to anything specific in regards to the paper this year, but she is excited about what is to come.   Malerie Brooks, also a member of The Wildcat and a sophomore here at Meridian High School, is TiQuisha’s best friend and has been since their middle school years. She describes her friend as loyal and very trustworthy. “I can trust her with anything and depend on her whenever I need to,” Brooks stated. They have never had any problems and continue to maintain a healthy friendship. TiQuisha is very excited about her sophomore year and looks forward to all the things that are to come.  

TiQuisha Grace, Reporter

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